Bitcoin development has been bought out by a private company called "Blockstream".

Blockstream is currently paying off many of the key Bitcoin "Core" software developers .

Blockstream has directed the crippling of Bitcoin in order to provide the solution, for their own future, financial gain.

These Blockstream-paid Bitcoin developers (for the Bitcoin "Core" software) are enforcing a limit on how much information can be transacted in Bitcoin.   This is limiting the number of transactions to just 3 per second, approximately.

Blockstream is concurrently developing a "solution" to this problem, called the "Lightning Network".   This "solution" is to be placed on top of the crippled Bitcoin network to allow it to scale.   Blockstream will monetize the Lightning Network in the form of fees required to use their service.

Additionally, for the past 8 months, Blockstream has been utilizing censored discussion forums for their communication, thus preventing awareness of this issue from being widely known. All discussion mentioning this has been (and continues to be) deleted and banned .

In short, Blockstream has created a problem so they can provide the solution. And they are doing everything they can to keep it that way. (View more info on this on the un-censored forum)


Bitcoin is able to scale on its own without being crippled by artificially imposed limitations such as those Blockstream has enforced.   But these Blockstream developers are not allowing this very simple change to occur.

  1. Urge all miners and mining pool operators (not users) to run Bitcoin Classic.
  2. Go to for un-censored discussion.

The only way for this private company, Blockstream, to be removed as the central authority over a crippled Bitcoin is for miners and pool operators (not users) to adopt a different implementation of Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin Classic.   Having a diversity of implementations also creates a positive competition among entities that control the protocol.   Failure of miners to adopt a different version will result in Blockstream's paid Bitcoin Core Developers to have unfettered control of the Bitcoin system for their own financial gain.

Remember, the only solution is for MINERS and POOLS to adopt non-"Core" software.

Please spread the word, and translate this message to the large Chinese Bitcoin mining community as well.